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Childrens Menu

We want our children healthy; here at Miola we have a range of meals to make sure the children get their calcium, protein and minerals. Our delicious meals are full of nutrients (well most of them, you can’t be good all the time).

All our bread is low GI seeded bread.

Munchkins Meals

Mega meal boxes: contains crayons and colouring picture, sandwich cheese, sausage, bacon or ham, 2 mini buns & carton of juice £4.00

Snacker Sandwich choose from our delicious fillings –jam, cheese, sausage, bacon or ham £2.95

A slice of toast with jam (v) £1.50

Scrambled egg (v) on toast £3.00
Baby breckie sausage, scrambled egg and beans and toast £4.45

Beans on toast (v) £2.00

Sausage, mash and beans £4.25

Side Snappers
Mix sticks (v) a pot of carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes choose one 75p or all 3 at £2.00

Bambinos Best Bits

Ice-cream  a scoops of Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate on a cone £2.20
2 Mini fairy cakes 30p

Whippersnappers Delicious Drinks

Milk / milk shake choose from strawberry, chocolate £1.50
Freshly squeezed Juice £1.85
Coke or lemonade £1.50
Still or sparkling  Water £2.00
Hot Chocolate £1.25
Baby Chino 60p
Carton of juice 95p
Milk £1.00
Squash 75p

(V) Denotes dishes which are vegetarian (N) denotes dishes which contain nuts. Due to the presence of nuts in our coffee lounge traces of nuts may be found in any of our items.
Please advice a menber of staff upon ordering if you have any food allergies





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